Eat Sleep Travel Repeat

Travel and food go hand in hand as far as I am concerned. I think that is an innate part of being in ‘holiday’ mode; and ya girl lives for it!

This weekend I was in Auckland New Zealand. I was staying in the CBD area, and one of my first stops always has to be Better Burger – that’s 19 Vulcan Lane yo.

I’m a veggie and their mushroom burger is the bee’s knee’s in my opinion. However, one sniff of the cheeseburger and I just knew that shiz was good. My partner confirmed it was; what’s more, my dad confirmed it was good, and my dad has quite the particular pallet if ya know what I means.

I would personally compare Better Burger to In-N-Out burger in the United States; a minimalistic style with the option of single or double patties and then the killer; crispy lettuce, a slice or two of tomato and some nice crunchy onion. Excellent. What’s better they have a veggie option; a giant mushroom patty rolled in some bread crumbs; yum.

Apart from the burgers being similar, the layout and simplicity of the menu is much the same to In-N-Out as well. Overall, looking at the burgers and, not going to lie, giving those beefy patties a wee smell – can confirm it looks and smells like In-N-Out burger too.

The fries are definitely different to the In-N-Out style though; these are chunky cut and not the most crispy. I still like them, but definitely outshone by the burgers.

Another differing point is dun dun dun, the price. In-N-Out is cheap as chips (lol). Comparatively food is generally just more expensive in New Zealand. Thus, unsurprisingly these burgers are more expensive. However, I’d say for the combo price they are decently priced. One veggie combo and one cheeseburger combo was 25 bucks. I’d say for NZ prices that’s ‘OK,’ not the cheapest, not the most expenny, just OK. As far as taste goes, I’m happy paying that for what I got.

But don’t take my word for it, go on and try it the next time you’re in Auckland CBD and let me know your thoughts!












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