Oops, I Slayed my Sunday

“How are you!?”

“Oh, yeah, you know, Mondays”

Spilled coffee, a two-day hangover crisp with potential regrets, one mis-matched sock because you overslept and rushed out the door – and the deep sad recognition that the weekend is over and a new week has only just begun.

Monday’s, am I right? I’m sure they have gone down in history as the most hated and absolutely useless day of the week. After two days of mindless frolicking you are back to the organised reality of the real world. On top of that there is often this innate uselessness that you feel on a Monday; like somehow all the experience you had doing whatever it is that you fill your days with has somehow just… evaporated and left you as a the dimwitted newbie that just started. Phone calls become harder, you aren’t quite sure if you just called in a client or actually told them to leave you alone, you probably mispronounced a word that made you sound like a dick, and now you have to get your stuff together and try and do a presentation to a room full of people. It is highly likely that you will cry afterward.

And no matter how much you love your job… Mondays. What. A. Bummer.   

Or is it? Or alternatively phrased, does it have to be? And I am here to say that I thinkith not! Too many Monday’s are wasted to this absurd trend of time. And I think I have come up with a wonderfully simple way to confront the twisted cynicism that lurks in every Monday: behold; Slaying Sundays (unoriginal? Perhaps – but HEY IT WORKS)

What the heck is that might you ask? (And why have you used such a cliché?) Cliché, yes – point taken, but let me tell you – there’s a method to my madness.

Slaying Sundays is all about tricking the mind. Yes, to all my psychology teachers, I listened in class. The madness of Monday’s is all in the mind’s perception of time and space. So, we sleep in on the weekends, perhaps we drink too much, we see friends and stay up too late – in short, we deviate from our normal ‘work week’ routines.

And this is good for us! We definitely need a break from our routines. This is because having breaks makes our routines more fulfilling.

But, after too many crappy and useless Mondays, I decided to spice things up; let’s start with Slaying Sundays.

Slaying Sunday’s is all about motivating your mind and really kind of tricking it into preemptively starting the ‘work’ week. When this is done, Monday’s aren’t left to be the same bumbling idiocy that they usually are. Rather, they become the next day in the natural sequence of the week – only the big massive jack off hurdle part is (hopefully) over.

Sunday’s for me are therefore all about getting over the initial hurdle of starting the week.

The first thing I like to do is wake up naturally; this is still generally pretty early, but without the alarm clock, it’s basically a sleep in right?

Get active I always start my gym schedule on Sunday’s. This part has helped me so much with that yucky Monday fatigue. Exercise wakes up the brain, moves through the fog and gets you motivated for a new day and a new week! Also, pro tip, the gym is always a bit quieter on Sundays! I really like this because it makes me feel like I am getting one on one time with myself.

Organize your chaos Sunday’s are often the total relax day for a lot of people, and I used to treat them that way too. But when I switched the game up and turned Sunday into a jam-packed day of cleaning and chores, I felt more motivated and content walking into the work week. My mum always told me that a clean space is a clean mind, so starting my Monday off knowing that the spaces in my home are clean and organised has been a really effective way for me to utilise my energies once Monday comes around. I don’t have to worry about doing the cleaning, and even more importantly, when I come home I have a clean space in which to fully relax and unwind after the work day.

Spend time with your animals Sundays are also the day that my pup Happy gets a big wash and bigger run around than normal. I really take the time on Sundays to fully engage with my pup, it sounds a bit silly perhaps, but it’s really about contentment. Really engaging with your time on Sundays and doing the things you enjoy and are passionate about are equally as important as getting the admin type stuff done. Being fully present in the moment on a Sunday allows you to be more fully aware and present on a Monday. Also – because a happy dog is a happy life right? Pro-tip – you can sub out the animals for humans if you really want.

Eat Good I don’t know if you’re like me, but once Friday and Saturday come around, I’m all up in some carb loading food groups. I love it – and there ain’t no shade in that game. However, like exercise, I like to start my ‘work week eating routine’ on Sundays. Again, this is another way of just effectively jump starting my mind into the work week routine.

Be Excited About Something I am a huge scheduler, and Sunday is, of course, the day that I get all my plans together in my head so that I don’t miss out on anything during the week (let’s face it I probably still will) BUT, along with getting the admin scheduling stuff done, I always make sure I have something in my week that genuinely excites me. This makes the planning fun, and, because I’m already feeling motivated from my jam packed Sunday, I get to enjoy the excitement I already feel about that upcoming activity.

Don’t Time Yourself Sunday is still a Sunday. Don’t time your activities; let your natural body clock wake you up, and get things done without deadlines – leave that deadline crap for the work week. Allow yourself time to fully immerse yourself in the activities you are engaging in without the looming sense of rush or hurry.

This is just a small list of the things that I like to do, but the real point of Slay Sundays is to get your mind active, accomplish some goals, and reengage with your surroundings. The work week can be monotonous, and our minds bodies and souls can consequently become fatigued from the sustained attention necessary for completing the work week tasks. This is why we take the weekend to recharge, and why we deviate from our normal activities on the weekends! Like I said, this is good for us! But starting the work week in a gloomy disorganised way can lead us to, nevertheless, become bogged down – the short point is that starting our week off in a disgruntled way leads us to innately resent the work week – and that does nothing for our fulfilment!

So, I think the key is to reengage the facets of the body and channel them back into positive energies that motivate and energise you for performance on a new Monday! (or indeed any day of the week!)

It is easy to disengage from our lives, particularly when we are extremely busy and consumed by the work we do. Slaying Sunday’s is about refocusing our attention each week on ourselves and our personal fulfilment. It is so unbelievably easy to just keep trucking along week to week not checking in with ourselves until we hit a wall. I myself have done this on countless occasions! I think the key is to find mechanisms for implementing positive behaviours that will accommodate and mediate the bustle of the everyday life with the fragility of the self.

Which is why I’m such a fan of Slay Sundays – I can honestly say that my weeks feel better when I approach them in this way!

So, go out here! Slay your Sunday, Slay your Monday and every other day of the week while you’re at it too!



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