For You: Being Patient With Your Journey

This is for anyone that feels like they are not going fast enough;

For anyone that feels they are constantly behind someone or something;

For anyone that feels like they ought to be doing more, trying harder, being better;

This is for anyone that feels failure;

Not just in their heart; But in their soul.

This is for any one that dreams of the future but can’t help but fear the present.

This is for that fear that lives inside of you; But this is also for the you that lives inside of you.


You are invariably stronger than the fears that live inside of you;

You are stronger than the failures that you will inevitably know.

You are more than the sum of your parts; but you are also so intimately intertwined with them that you must learn to value them.

You are human, and as much as you will compare yourself to those around you; you are not, and can never be, someone other than you.

And it is in that fact alone that your place becomes just as meritorious as any other place in this world.


Your path is what you will remember when you reach your top; the failure, the fear and the anguish that could have, maybe did, lead you astray.

These are the moments you will remember; fragile and docile as they are.

And you will remember how you prevailed, despite feeling that you were doing anything but that.

You will come to recognize that fear was a friend;

That no one is fast enough;

That you can only be behind if you dream only of the future without learning to appreciate the present

You will realize that failure was just as important as success.

And that you, yes you, did in fact, get through what you believed to be the end.


This is for the you that lives inside you.


These are your moments;

Moments that may not always define you;

But will doubtlessly define your journey.

And in that beauty, you will find that the sum of your parts weighs in heavily on who you will be.

And who you are today will only be a small fragment of who you will be tomorrow; in a year, in 5 years.


This is for you.

To tell you today that you can achieve and you can find success

But speaking quite honestly;

I think somewhere deep inside; you already knew that.


Because you are you.

And that’s exactly where you need to be.




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