Matapouri: Northland, New Zealand

Behold! Just one example of New Zealand’s hidden beauties: Matapouri.

This scenic dream is located towards the top of NZ’s North Island (as you would probably would have assumed from ‘Northland’).

In a way Matapouri reminded me of Palm Springs; I think that was because of the general ‘holiday home’ type vibe that I got. However, Matapouri is on the coast and therefore lines a beach. Quite geographically different to the lovely Palm Springs. Moreover, Matapouri does not have tonnes of shops and hotels.

Beautiful holiday homes snuggled in little beach side developments were spread out amongst the greenery that makes up so much of New Zealand’s North Island. There were numeroustravellers there, myself amongst them of course. However, littered in there were the year rounders with their perma-tans making them easy to spot from a mile away.

And there is no doubt why! Matapouri is a prime location for sunshine, the beach, heat and adventures.

One of Matapouri’s most popular adventures are the Mermaid Pools. Now these are such a treat guys! You find them by heading up into the bush, doing a bit of climbing, and getting a bit huffed and puffed. Someone had kindly tied a rope from a tree in order to help people grapple the steep incline the begins the trek. However, apart from that, I loved how the walk to get to the pools was untouched by modern structures that could have made the journey a bit easier. Instead, the only path was that which is engrained in the earth by its yearly travellers.

Before long you come out into a bend where the trees clear and you can see the ocean. For an Island Girl like me; it’s a true Moana moment. The colours and the contrasts natural to earth’s beauty have never known a truer and more authentic friend than New Zealand. And, in particular, the rural and traditional backway’s of New Zealand’s North Island.

Once you reach that bend, you start going down hill a bit. And that’s when you see it; glistening water, translucent colours and a site of magic bliss. These are EXACTLY what a younger me would have considered to be the place that Mermaids hangout and bask in the sun.

The amazing thing about places like Matapouri is that they give you a chance to feel truly content. I think that is the thing about travel in general though; the amazingness that comes along with discovery and sight; as if your senses become so much more enhanced the farther you are away from all that you know.

I find this particularly when I go to places that are hidden and deep within the quiet confines of nature.

However, like most places these days, the Mermaid Pools are a hot spot on the internet, so! That means that get packed with people. That ‘s okay though; like most travel destinations, the key is to get in there early if you want a moment alone! I always find that most people on holiday start getting up and out of the house by 10 or 11; this was definitely true for the Mermaid Pools! So head in early like we did if you want a bit of time to just feel the magic of the place on your own.

Here are some snaps in which I tried to capture not just what I saw, but how it all made me feel. 

That being said; its probably better for you to just go see them yourselves 🙂

Happy Travels!








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