The Magic In ME

If I could, I would.

But because I surely cannot,

I would sincerely hope,

That I could be

Like a Tree

And I’ll tell you my tale

As sure as the Sea

For if I could be

Like a tree,

I too

Would have,

The magic in me.

Hello! A wee poem to you from me! I spent the weekend in nature and was inspired by this wonderful gum tree at the accomodation we stayed at.

This weekend I went on an adventure with my partner. We decided not to head too far away from home (Christchurch, New Zealand). So we set out to Akaroa!

This is a great little getaway town on the Banks Peninsula. What made it so nifty to me is that it was settled by the French as a little colony town back in the 19th century (Yes, NZ was colonised at least 100 years after the United States!). The whole town remains dedicated to its’ French ancestry. Me personally; I am a French fanatic, I love the culture, so it was really a treat to be in a place that was centered around a French heritage! In particular, the cute colourful houses!

The Akaroa Bay is on the Akaroa Harbour, and it is a pleasant place to sit out and just watch life pass by. If any of you have been to Morro Bay in California then it, for me, felt similar! Very calm and quaint! The perfect place to recharge your batteries and sit in the sun and just enjoy being. 

On the way down, however, there is a gem of a spot called Douvachelle (French!). It is along High Way 75 (the same highway to get to Akaroa). You spot it from the hill as you begin to descend into the bay area, and the first thing that strikes you is what effectively seems to be giant rocks connecting pieces of green green hilly land within the bay itself!

We decided to head down and try and find a track. The track starts high up on a ledge and then dips down into the bay and then goes back UP onto a high hilltop that is then surrounded by a 360 view of the bay itself. It is truly amazing.

We met some fellow hikers on the way and we were told the story of the hill. At the top there is a circle of huge rocks. Maori legend states that that hill contains the spirit of the wind (contained in the area of the rocks which sit at the very top). The Maori believed that the spirit aided them in battle, as it blew down from the hill in an easterly direction toward the mainland and repelled enemy forces.

I myself am 5% Maori, and personally, I felt the area felt alive with energy!

Whether you believe in folk law or not though, it is a beautiful spot that is alive with sun and discovery. It is also a wonderful hike to get up there.

Take a look! Even better, take a visit, it is only an hour or so away from Christchurch!

Happy Travels!




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