Have a treat! Yummy Eats!

Yummy eats aren’t just for travelling!

Yummy eats are also for sunny Saturday’s in your home town!

I am always on the run for the newest place to find a stellar meal.

However, I think there are a few things that make a meal truly stellar!

The first big one, of course, is GREAT food. However, the second big one for me is the actual service in the restaurant or cafe. This often makes or breaks a place for me. And hey hey, I know, I have worked in a busy cafe, I know how rude customers can be and how easy it is to get over it! I get it, I get it! But on the other side of it, as a customer, I just genuinely value a great all round experience when I go out to eat.

That being said! I am not here to critique places where I’ve had bad experiences! I’m here to tell you about places that I’ve liked! Both in regards to food, but also in regards to service and the aesthetic and vibe of the overall place!

I was raised in LA, so I am the first to know that the best places are often hidden and may not always look all fancy shmancy on the outside; I’m all for it! Like I said, it’s more about the food and the service!

Behold! My latest love; Gentle Giant – 158 Ferry Road, Christchurch New Zealand

Some great service, some nice food, a great coffee in a lovely blue cup, and a nice little nifty seating area outside. Now that’s a Saturday morning if you ask me.

Check it out!


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