About Me

Hi there! My name is Nita, and welcome to Nita’s Way!

A little bit about me, why I started this blog, and what my goals and intentions are for this blog;

I am 24 years old. I was born in the Cook Islands and grew up in Los Angeles California. I have been studying at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch New Zealand for the last six years and I will be completing my qualifications this year! I have studied towards a law degree and two bachelor degrees. I consider myself a laid-back person that kinda probably totally fumbles through life a little bit, but sometimes, maybe, has all my stuff together. I have a 3 year old golden retriever puppy (yes – puppy, FOR LIFE) named Happy and a partner who thinks the sun shines out of his ass (he’s amazing, but I’ll never tell him that).

Life for me has always been a whirlwind of experiences. I recognized early on in my life the value of these experiences, and how ultimately, they were my greatest teachers. I just wanted to learn and understand more. I wanted to know the precise ways in which these experiences had changed me, taught me and made me the me that I would ultimately be. I have therefore made it an important task of my life to really engage and understand and analyze the different moments I have encountered and changes that I have been through. I became the type of person that wasn’t satisfied with simply coming out of a situation on the other side; I had to understand why, and I think the importance of understanding and learning for me is that these are methods by which we, as humans and just living beings, can come to better emphathize with the world around us. And I think that the world needs greater empathy and understanding; and the only way we can get there is by understanding ourselves first. That is what this blog is about. By sharing experiences, and what those experiences taught me I hope to open up a platform of discussion, a platform for learning and self-growth, both for my readers, but also for me! Because I truly believe that we should never stop learning and growing and evolving. Life is all about learning; in whatever capacity; academic, emotional, spiritual, and one way in which to do that is together. We are all in this game together, and sometimes I think it can feel like the world is too much bigger than each of us as individuals, but by acknowledging and highlighting the ways in which we may be similar; be it through similar experiences, similar fears and hopes, we can open our eyes to how positively possible this world can be; how positively possible we each can be.

I have chosen three overarching topics for discussion in my blog; University, Lifestyle and Self-Love.

I would briefly like to explain those different areas and my approach to writing in each area;

For university I will be concentrating on my experiences as a law student who had very little prior experience academically. The basic point of those blogs will be, effectively, how I learned how to learn at law school. I am really excited about these blogs, as I often wished there more practical resources available to me throughout my law degree.

For lifestyle I want to focus on three sub areas; travel, motivation and ‘doin’ you.’ For travel I just want to both share and discover; first share the various cities (islands) that I have had the privilege of growing up and living in, and then take you all along as I continue to discover new and exciting places that I have yet to go! Motivation is as it sounds, some days we all just need more motivation than others! Doin’ You is all the tricks and tips I have learned for being more myself in a world that seems to constantly tell me who I should be, or at least should want to be.

Finally, self-love. This final category is one very close to my heart. As someone who has often found this an extremely difficult component of life, I understand how difficult it can be, and how easier said than done this area of life can be. I want to work on this and make self-care and self-love more of a second nature to people.

And I think the rest you will just have to learn about me along the way!

So, let’s start with Nita’s Way, and maybe along the way you will find your own way.


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